Updates to LaSoleiade 2021

LaSoleiade is a ‘mas’ that was built around 1730 and she always needs a little fixing and updating.

On the inside, we started upgrading our ‘cave’ – a room along the back of the house that was built by closing in the back of the original house and a stone wall. It stays quite cool in the summer and warm enough in the winter and is excellent for food and wine storage. To improve ours, we put on a new tile roof, new drop ceiling, leveled and tiled the floor and whitewashed all of the walls. [look for pictures in May 2022]

A big difference also is that we took out our antiquated monster heater and replaced it with individual heating and air conditioning in each of the rooms. It is so much faster to heat the house in winter and the air conditioning will be awesome in the summer.

To add ambience, and warmth, to our living area, we also added a beautiful Provençal fireplace! We got a chance to enjoy both the new heater and the new fireplace during our last trip at the end of 2021.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we also built a summer kitchen, which we named ‘The Roxy’! We eat most of our dinners in the summer kitchen enjoying the cool stone wall and excellent views of the olive trees and over the Med.

AND, we got a new French kitten from the neighbors; her name is Tachette for the small tache (spot) over one of her eyes. She is adorable and we love her!

What’s next — this Spring, we will have the living area walls painted, the floors finished where they took out some bookshelves and a wood shed built to dry out the wood for the fireplace.

We look forward to sharing all the updates and improvements with our guests this summer and all the summers to come!

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