Puce de Provençal hunt

imageWell, no pics of fireworks because quite frankly they were quite underwhelming … 3 out of 10 score for the French entry to the Cannes Feu d’artifice Festival 2015.

BUT we did have an excellent hunting adventure to the Puce de Provençal near to La Soleiade 😛.  As you can see, we have added to the small LS chair collection [ yesterday’s count was 51, so that makes today’s count 54. …. watch this space for the summer of ’15 chair count].  A new under-the-window table for chambre La Tournesol (aka Angie’s room), 2 new chandeliers, a wine barrel, and a because-every-house- needs-one bottle corker and of course the requisite petite glasses and small knives with corkscrews!!

tonight, we visite chez Laurence and Christian for either gumbo or French food. (See blog tomorrow for which one plus pics).

a vie tot,


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