8 French Riberou and Baguettes


Sunday is the day for inviting large groups of friends and family for lunch.  This afternoon, as most Sunday afternoons, Gary, my sister Ang, our friend, Jeremy and I are having lunch with our great friend and neighbor Jean with a small group of 15 or so!

Bread in France is like no other in the world, and Riberou bread is like no other in France. Thus, for lunch today and for tomorrow’s picnic lunch basket, Four Riberous and Four baguettes are minimum.

as the French don’t bag their bread, when you order this quantity, they just put it into a flour sac (sitting on the chair).

off to Sunday brunch … Pics later today or tomorrow

a bientot

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1 Response to 8 French Riberou and Baguettes

  1. Pamela Vanderburg says:

    Sounds devine! And all that great coffee and wine to compliment it! I have been to France numerous times with your lovely sister Ang and it is one of my favourite places on earth! Enjoy!


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