Boats make excellent places to stay on vacation :-)

Gary and I, my sister Ang, and our friend Jeremy visited a south west region of France this summer visiting the Carmargue (yes, where the salt comes from), Sete and Argen, which is the wine region of Berger and where they also make Armagnac.

After driving through the Carmargue area (where they have flamingos – that was a surprise for all – see road sign below), we had lunch in Saintes Maries de la Mer, a popular French beach destination in this area.

We travelled next to Sete, a small coastal village that is called the mini Venice of France for all of its canals.  Of course, there are many boats and we decided to surprise our guests by booking our night’s stay in Sete on a charming boat moored a quick 5-minute walk from the historic center.  It was a unique and fun experience.  Breakfast on the rear deck, sunset cocktails on the front of the boat, and a nice quite rocking to the motion of the water to lull you to sleep

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